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How to Avoid Equalization Issues?

Here are some tips that will make equalization a breeze during your Spearfishing or Freediving Trips.

Avoid Alcohol:

I've noticed that alcohol makes you dehydrated. It is best to stay hydrated especially when diving.

Avoid Eating Dairy:

Dairy tends to build up a lot of mucus making it harder for you to equalize on each dive.

Drink lots of Water:

Keep drinking water through out the day. Staying hydrated allows the sinus to drain a lot easier than if you are dehydrated.

Avoid Animal by-products or meat:

Animal by-products or meat will create mucus build up which may hinder equalization efforts.

Begin gentle equalization a few hours before your dive:

This will prime your ears and assist in preventing a blockage early on descent.

Pre-Equalize at the surface before any dive:

Start early, avoid unnecessary pressure by clearing you ear before performing your duck dive.

Equalize often and frequently during your ascent and stay ahead of the pressure changes:

Equalize at set intervals occurring before you feel discomfort or pressure.

Keep your mask clear:

if you have a leaky mask change to a mask that seals your face properly. (recommend Omer Alien Mask).

Drink A Hot Lemon Ginger & Honey Tea

The day of your trip or night before your trip, drink this mixture to bring down any mucus build up or congestion that you may have.

Avoid Cold Drinks

Cold beverages can irritate the mucus membrane by causing blood vessels in the throat to narrow in response to cold which can make it more difficult to equalize.

Thank for reading ! If these work for you please share and let us know :) .



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